Korean War Legacy Project

2023 World Congress of Teachers of the Korean War


The Korean War Legacy Foundation was pleased to partner with the Ministry of Veterans and Patriots Affairs and the Social Studies Educators Network of Canada for our annual World Congress of Teachers, 2023.  This event served to recognize the sacrifice of our Korean War veterans and the importance of teaching about the War’s legacy in our schools.

Participants in the World Congress actively engaged in the activities and instructional materials that have been developed to teach about the Korean War and attended historic events marking the anniversary of the armistice of the Korean War. This year’s event celebrated the publication of a new curriculum book on Canada’s participation in the Korean War. Dignitaries from Canada and Korea joined teachers from Canada, the United States, and several other international UN Korean War participating countries to share ideas on how the Korean War can be taught in the classroom.

2023 World Congress Event Photos

Photos courtesy of the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs of the Republic of Korea





Teacher Qualifications




Foundation Task

In order to participate in the World Congress, you are required to complete one of three tasks.  You may complete the task before or after the event; however, you will not receive your travel reimbursement until the task is completed.

  1. Type a transcript for a Korean War Veteran Interview
  2. Write a lesson plan on the Korean War
  3. Create a profile for THE 22

Travel Reimbursement

For Canadian Teachers

For US and other International Teachers


NOTE: Travel reimbursements will be issued upon approved submission of a The 22 Veteran Profile, lesson plan or veteran interview transcript. More information about this requirement will be sent to all accepted participants.





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The Conference was made possible through the generous support of the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs of the Republic of Korea and POSCO Steel.